Which version of Poke646 should I download and install?

The most recent Poke646 release is the “Poke646: Anniversary Edition”. This release contains both the original “Poke646” and the sequel “Poke646: Vendetta”, bundled and patched to run under the current “Half-Life” version on Steam. Older versions of the mods require manual patching to be playable, so the “Poke646: Anniversary Edition” is the recommended way to experience our games.

Is it possible to play Poke646 under the original non-Steam CD version of Half-Life?
Is it possible to play Poke646 under Half-Life: Source?
Will you port Poke646 to Linux?
Are there any addons for Poke646 and where do I find them?



What does Poke646 stand for?

The true meaning of "Poke646" goes way back into the early 1980s, when the C=64 homecomputer was wildly popular. In the built-in programming language “Basic”, the frequently used command "poke646,[x]" would change the onscreen font color. Seeing how the Poke646 mod was the first complete game project since my early days in the computing business, the reminiscent title seemed only fitting. 

Ingame, "Poke646" is the name of the organization which has been founded after the Black Mesa incident to handle all "alien related topics", comprised of the best scientists, technicians and military forces worldwide.

Can I use Poke646 textures for my own projects?
Apart from the textures, am I allowed to use other Poke646 art assets?
Do you plan any future releases or ports for Poke646?



Are there walkthroughs for Poke646 and Poke646: Vendetta?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of fan video playthroughs on YouTube, some with additional commentary and thoughts on the games. If you’re looking for something in textform, we originally created a written walkthrough for “Poke646”. There’s no written guide for “Poke646: Vendetta”, but the more combat-driven and less puzzle-focussed nature of the game shouldn’t really require a walkthrough in the first place.

In Poke646, I can't seem to jump onto the crates in the hazard course or the first map of the game.
In Poke646, I'm able to jump out of the map in certain places.
Poke646 and/or Poke646: Vendetta, I get stuck between trash cans or crates.
When I switch to the bow rifle scope, the whole screen gets messed up.
In Poke646, I’m stuck at the start of the map which loads after the trainride.
In Poke646, I can't pick up weapons from dead soldiers.
In Poke646: Vendetta, I'm stuck at the end of the elevator ride in the Nation City appartment building.
In Poke646: Vendetta, the tram leading out of the city happens to get stuck on a dead corpse.
In Poke646: Vendetta, I've beaten the boss in the final map, but the gate won't open and I can't proceed.
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