Poke646: Anniversary Edition (v1.1)

The „Poke646: Annniversary Edition“ was released on Dec 21st 2016, the 15th anniversary of the original „Poke646“ release and 10th anniversary of the sequel „Poke646: Vendetta“. It is a bundle of both mods and is the recommended version to play the games, patched and streamlined to run under the current Steam version of Half-Life. Please refer to the included readme.txt for more detailled information.

   Poke646: Legacy Versions (v1.0)

IMPORTANT NOTE: the legacy version of „Poke646“ is not compatible with the current Steam version of Half-Life and requires manual patching. It also comes with obsolete files from the pre-Steam era, so the recommended way to play both games is the „Poke646: Anniversary Edition“.

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