Technical FAQ

Which version of Poke646 should I download and install?

The most recent Poke646 release is the “Poke646: Anniversary Edition”. This release contains both the original “Poke646” and the sequel “Poke646: Vendetta”, bundled and patched to run under the current “Half-Life” version on Steam. Older versions of the mods require manual patching to be playable, so the “Poke646: Anniversary Edition” is the recommended way to experience our games.

Is it possible to play Poke646 under the original non-Steam CD version of Half-Life?

Yes, but due to installer problems and graphical glitches we don’t support or recommend it for any of the Poke646 releases.

Is it possible to play Poke646 under Half-Life: Source?

No. The original Half-Life (and thus Poke646) is built on the GoldSrc game engine, which is incompatible with the Source engine.

Will you port Poke646 to Linux?

No, not as an official release. However, a Linux version of the „Poke646; Anniversary Edition“ has recently been released and is available at ModDB. Please note that, as an unofficial release, we take no liabilty nor do we offer support for this specific version of the game.

Are there any other releases for Poke646 and where do I find them?
Yes, there’s several ports, 3rd party addons, model packs and patches for Poke646 available on the internet. However, since these are being developed outside the Poke646 team, downloading and installing any additional content happens at your own risk. A good place to look for Poke646 addons are the official mod pages on the ModDB:

Poke646: Vendetta
Poke646: Anniversary Edition

   General FAQ

What does Poke646 stand for?

The true meaning of „Poke646“ goes way back into the early 1980s, when the C=64 homecomputer was wildly popular. In the built-in programming language “Basic”, the frequently used command „poke646,[x]“ would change the onscreen font color. Seeing how the Poke646 mod was the first complete game project since my early days in the computing business, the reminiscent title seemed only fitting.

Ingame, „Poke646“ is the name of the organization which has been founded after the Black Mesa incident to handle all „alien related topics“, comprised of the best scientists, technicians and military forces worldwide.

Can I use Poke646 textures for my own projects?

Yes, you can use the „Poke646“ and „Poke646: Vendetta“ textures for non commercial projects, regardless on which game engine. If you use our textures in a release, please credit us in the readme file with a link to the official website and send us a note.

You’re not allowed to use any content of our games for commercial releases or any project you get paid for. If you plan using „Poke646“ art assets for a commercial release, please contact us and we’ll see if we can work something out. You’re also not allowed to alter the „Poke646“ textures in any way besides resizing, reformatting or renaming, not even for non commercial projects.

Apart from the textures, am I allowed to use other Poke646 art assets?

That’s case sensitive. Mail us your request and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you plan any future releases or ports for Poke646?

No, the Anniversary Edition will most likely remain the final release in the Poke646 universe, patching up both games to install and run smooth on current hard- and software. The team has long moved on to other things and our work schedules just don’t allow for hobby game development anymore. That being said, the community already picked up the ball and ported the mods to different platforms, as well as creating HD and replacement packs. A good place to look for Poke646 addons are the official mod pages on the ModDB:

Poke646: Vendetta
Poke646: Anniversary Edition

   Gameplay FAQ

Are there walkthroughs for Poke646 and Poke646: Vendetta?

Yes, you’ll find plenty of fan video playthroughs on YouTube, some with additional commentary and thoughts on the games. If you’re looking for something in textform, we originally created a written walkthrough for “Poke646”. There’s no written guide for “Poke646: Vendetta”, but the more combat-driven and less puzzle-focussed nature of the game shouldn’t really require a walkthrough in the first place.

In Poke646, I can't seem to jump onto the crates in the hazard course or the first map of the game.

In order to manage this, you need to learn how to „crouchjump“, just like in the original Half-Life hazard course. Here’s how: approach the crate and jump, while you’re in midair press the crouch key and keep it down until you land. This way you gain more height while jumping and should be able to reach all areas you’re supposed to.

In Poke646, I'm able to jump out of the map in certain places.

A very rare occurrence, but even if, you shouldn’t reach a spot from which you can’t jump back into the map again. However, if you happen to get stuck in the void, load an older savegame to remedy the situation.

Poke646 and/or Poke646: Vendetta, I get stuck between trash cans or crates.

This bug is a result of the insufficient collision detection in the GoldSrc engine. You can easily free yourself by selecting the heaterpipe and smashing the trashcans or crates.

When I switch to the bow rifle scope, the whole screen gets messed up.

You’re playing in software mode, which is not supported by „Poke646“ or „Poke646: Vendetta“. The only solution is to switch to a 3D accelerated mode in the video options of the main menu.

In Poke646, I’m stuck at the start of the map which loads after the trainride.

This is caused by what is largely referred to as the „elevator bug“ and has appeared in all Half-Life games from day one. An easy fix and detailled description is provided in the „Poke646“ walkthrough, browse to „Map 3“ in the 4th chapter.

In Poke646, I can't pick up weapons from dead soldiers.

„Poke646“ has a delicate balance when it comes to its weapons. Being able to use rifles or shotguns from Poke646 troops would’ve unbalanced the game, which is why we chose to make them unavailable to the player. However, since the weapons arsenal changed a bit in „Poke646: Vendetta“, you’re finally able to use all military firepower there.

In Poke646: Vendetta, I'm stuck at the end of the elevator ride in the Nation City appartment building.

This is caused by what is largely referred to as the „elevator bug“ and has appeared in all Half-Life games from day one. The most common solution is to jump several times right before the elevator stops.

In Poke646: Vendetta, the tram leading out of the city happens to get stuck on a dead corpse.

When a soldier dies too close to the rails, his corpse might hinder the tram from proceeding. There’s two ways to get around this: the first solution requires you to blow up the corpse in question with a pipebomb or a contact grenade. A more elegant solution would be to load the last autosave from map „pv_ntc04“ and play through the sequence again.

In Poke646: Vendetta, I've beaten the boss in the final map, but the gate won't open and I can't proceed.

We’re as to this day not sure what causes this bug, so there’s currently no other fix than to load your last autosave from map „pv_asl02“ and play the end section again. The bug has never been reported to occur more than once, so playing the section again should have all sequences working right.

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